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نستله تطلق مبادرة لتمكين الشباب لتحسين فرصهم بالتوظيف وريادة الأعمال

huGO-BildID: 28414660 FILE - In this Feb. 19, 2010 file photo people are standing behind a Nestle logo during a press conference of the food and drinks giant Nestle in Vevey, Switzerland. Swiss food and drink giant Nestle SA on Thursday Oct. 18, 2012 posted an 11 percent increase in sales of dozens of its household name brand products for the first nine months of 2012. The world's biggest food and drink company's sales rose to 67.6 billion Swiss francs (US $73.3 billion) through September, up from 60.9 billion francs during the same period in 2011. With 11.7 percent growth in emerging markets and 2.4 percent growth in developed markets, the maker of Nescafe, Jenny Craig and Haagen-Dazs said in a statement issued before the opening of the Zurich exchange Thursday that it expects organic sales growth of 6.1 percent this year and 2.9 percent real internal growth. (Foto:Keystone, Dominic Favre, File/AP/dapd)

 أطلقت شركة نستله مبادرة  “نستله لتمكين الشباب”  علي هامش فاعليات قمة مصر للتوظيف ، حيث تقوم المبادرة على منح  فرص لتنمية الشباب وقدراتهم وإعدادهم لبدء حياتهم المهنية في مختلف المجالات.

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