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News - International News

Amwal Al Ghad English - 2016-04-25 10:56:33
An earthquake struck off the southern coast of Mexico early on Monday but there were no immediate reports of damage. The quake, around 100 km (60 miles) southwest of Suchiate in the state of Chiapas, was originally registered as a magnitude 5.9 tremor by the U.S. Geological Service. It later revised that to 5.6. Luis Felipe Puente, head of Mexico's emergency services, said via his Twitter account that the earthquake was felt lightly in parts of Chiapas. There had not yet been reports of damage, he said. More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2016-04-25 10:20:39
A car bomb on the outskirts of the Sayeda Zeinab district south of Damascus killed at least six people on Monday, a monitoring group said, the third bombing attack in the area this year. More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2016-04-25 10:20:39
A car bomb on the outskirts of the Sayeda Zeinab district south of Damascus killed at least six people on Monday, a monitoring group said, the third bombing attack in the area this year. More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2016-04-25 09:34:37
The Maalbeek metro station in Brussels hit by a suicide attack last month that killed 16 people reopened to passengers on Monday. Suicide bomber Khalid El-Bakraoui blew himself up at the station at 0711 GMT on March 22, an hour after two other bombers killed 16 other people at Brussels airport. A total of 32 people lost their lives in the bombings on Europe's symbolic capital that were claimed by the Islamic State group, and 300 injured. "I'm thinking of everything that happened here, I'm thinking of the flowers that were laid out upstairs," said Piero, a retired translator from the European Commission, the EU executive arm whose headquarters are a few hundred metres (yards) away. More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2016-04-24 09:25:17
Germany is seeking the creation of "safe zones" to shelter refugees in Syria, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday, an idea Turkey has long championed in the face of U.N. caution. Keeping refugees on the Syrian side of the border would help Brussels and Ankara, which hosts 2.7 million Syrian refugees, stem the flow of migrants to European shores. The U.N. has warned against the plan unless there was a way to guarantee the refugees' safety in the war-torn state. Aid workers have opposed it. The cessation of hostilities in Syria which began at the end of February and was sponsored by Russia and the United States to allow for peace talks, has since faltered. The opposition, which walked out of negotiations in Geneva said the truce, which excluded powerful jihadist groups such as Islamic State and the Nusra Front, al Qaeda's branch in Syria, was no longer in place. At a news conference in the Turkish city of Gaziantep, Merkel called for "zones where the ceasefire is particularly enforced and where a significant level of security can be guaranteed." More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2016-04-24 09:06:49
North Korea fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile off its east coast on Saturday, South Korea said, amid concerns that the isolated state might conduct a nuclear test or a missile launch ahead of a ruling party meeting in May. The North fired the missile to the northeast at about 6:30 p.m. (0930 GMT), the South's office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said. North Korea will hold a congress of its ruling Workers' Party in early May for the first time in 36 years, at which its leader Kim Jong Un is expected to say the country is a strong military power and a nuclear state. The missile flew for about 30 km (18 miles), a South Korean Defense Ministry official said by telephone, adding its military was trying to determine whether the launch may have been a failure for unspecified reasons. South Korea's Yonhap news agency said the missile flew "for a few minutes," citing a government source. The U.S. Strategic Command said it had detected and tracked a North Korean submarine missile launch but it did not pose a threat to North America. State Department spokesman John Kirby said launches using ballistic missile technology were "a clear violation of multiple UN Security Council resolutions." France on Saturday called on the European Union to unilaterally adopt additional sanctions on North Korea if the missile launch was confirmed. The European Union in March expanded trade and financial sanctions on North Korea, following up on harsh new measures imposed by the U.N. Security Council. The North first attempted a launch of the submarine-based missile last year and was seen to be in the early stages of developing such a weapons system, which could pose a new threat to its neighbors and the United States if it is perfected. However, follow-up test launches were believed to have fallen short of the North's expectations as its state media footage appeared to have been edited to fake success, according experts who have seen the visuals. South Korea's military has said it is on high alert over the possibility that the isolated North could conduct its fifth nuclear test "at any time" in defiance of U.N. sanctions after setting off what it said was a hydrogen device in January. Satellite images show North Korea may have resumed tunnel excavation at its main nuclear test site, similar to activity seen before the January test, a U.S. North Korea monitoring website reported on Wednesday. South Korea and the United States, as well as experts, believe the North is working to develop a submarine-launched ballistic missile system and an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) putting the mainland United States within range. North Korea is banned from nuclear tests and activities that use ballistic missile technology under U.N. sanctions dating to 2006 and most recently adopted in March but it has pushed ahead with work to miniaturize a nuclear warhead and develop an ICBM. A senior U.S. official said this week that North Korea should take a lesson from Iran which has agreed to roll back its nuclear program in an agreement with Western powers in return for lifting of major sanctions but the North has shown no sign of entering into such a pact. North Korea Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong told the Associated Press in New York on Saturday that his country is ready to halt nuclear tests if the United States suspends its annual military exercises with South Korea. North Korea made a similar demand in January. Asked if the United States would consider a halt, Katina Adams, a spokeswoman for the State Department's East Asia bureau, said the exercises demonstrate the U.S. commitment to the alliance with South Korea and enhance "the combat readiness." More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2016-04-24 08:50:52
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Barack Obama said on Saturday they favored sealing a U.S.-European free trade agreement as it would fuel growth on both sides of the Atlantic. Merkel is expected to discuss the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with Obama when he visits a trade show in Hanover on Sunday and Monday. Support for TTIP has plunged in both their countries, however. Tens of thousands of protesters marched in Hanover on Saturday to express their opposition to the deal. Police said 35,000 people took part in the demonstration, while organizers said more than double that number had attended. Protesters held placards reading "Stop TTIP" and "For a fair world trade." "The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is one of the best ways to promote growth and create jobs," Obama told the mass-selling newspaper Bild in an interview. Merkel said in her weekly podcast that wrapping up a deal would be a "win-win situation," adding that "it is good for us as we will be able to appraise our competitors." The United States is Germany's biggest trading partner. Advocates of the trade deal say it would unleash further growth while critics warn it could undermine consumer rights and environmental protection. Speaking separately in London on Saturday, Obama said the trade deal had run up against "parochial interests" of individual countries but would create millions of jobs and billions of dollars of benefits. More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2016-04-23 13:31:54
The historic agreement on climate change marked a major milestone on Friday with a record 175 countries signing on to it on opening day. But world leaders made clear more action is needed, and quickly, to fight a relentless rise in global temperatures. With the planet heating up to record levels, sea levels rising and glaciers melting, the pressure to have the Paris Agreement enter into force and to have every country turn its words into deeds was palpable at the U.N. signing ceremony. "The world is in a race against time," U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in his opening speech. "The era of consumption without consequences is over." "Today you are signing a new covenant with the future. This covenant must amount to more than promises," he said. The agreement will enter into force once 55 countries representing at least 55 percent of global emissions have formally joined it, a process initially expected to take until 2020. But following a host of announcements at the signing event, observers now think it could happen later this year. China, the world's top carbon emitter, announced it would "finalize domestic procedures" to ratify the agreement before the G-20 summit in China in September. The United States, the world's second-largest emitter, reiterated its intention to ratify this year, as did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the leaders of Mexico and Australia. Maros Sefcovic, the energy chief for another top emitter, the 28-nation European Union, has also said the EU wants to be in the "first wave" of ratifying countries. Congo's President Joseph Kabila, speaking on behalf of the world's 48 least-developed countries, said all were committed to "to move in one irreversible direction to secure a safer climate." Even though small emitters, he said they would take the steps required to ratify the agreement "as soon as possible," a reflection of the wide reach of the agreement. The Washington-based World Resources Institute said that at least 25 countries representing 45 percent of global emissions had either joined the agreement Friday or committed to joining it early. French President Francois Hollande, the first to sign in recognition of his key role in achieving the December agreement, said he would ask parliament to ratify it by this summer. "There is no turning back now," Hollande told the gathering, adding that a key to success in combating climate change will be to get governments, companies, and people all over the world to work together to move from fossil fuels to renewable energy. U.S. Secretary of State Kerry said the signing of the agreement had to be followed by a recommitment by world leaders to actually win the "war" against carbon emissions that are making the world hotter every year. Putting the deal into economic terms, he said, "the power of this agreement is what it is going to do to unleash the private sector" to define the new energy of the future and set the global economy on a new path to growth and development that preserves the environment. Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo Dicaprio, a U.N. messenger of peace and climate activist, captured the feelings of many when he said: "We can congratulate each other today, but it will mean absolutely nothing if the world's leaders gathered here go home and do nothing." "No more talk, no more excuses, no more 10-year studies," he told the VIPs. "The world is now watching. You will either be lauded by future generations or vilified by them." After he spoke, leaders and diplomats from the 175 countries were called to the front of the chamber to sign the agreement. Kerry carried his granddaughter in his arms, a symbol of the future generations the agreement is aimed at protecting. The signing set a record for international diplomacy: Never have so many countries signed an agreement on the first available day. States that didn't sign Friday have a year to do so. The ceremony, held on Earth Day, brought together a wide range of states that might sharply disagree on other issues. North Korea's Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong made a rare U.N. appearance to sign and Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe brought applause when he declared, "Life itself is at stake in this combat. We have the power to win it." Prime Minister Enele Sosene Sopoaga of Tuvalu, which has seen four of its small islands disappear into the Pacific Ocean since 2000, said the agreement can change the world — but islands on the frontline of climate change urgently need better access to financing to protect themselves against rising oceans. He urged international support for an insurance program for Pacific island nations. Tuvalu was one of 15 nations that not only signed but ratified the agreement on Friday. Those that haven't indicated they will sign include some of the world's largest oil producers — Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Nigeria and Kazakhstan, according to the World Resources Institute. The Paris Agreement was a major breakthrough in U.N. climate negotiations, which for years were slowed by disputes between rich and poor countries over who should do what. Under the agreement, countries set their own targets for reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The targets are not legally binding, but countries must update them every five years. Already, states face pressure to do more. Scientific analyses show the initial set of targets that countries pledged before Paris don't match the agreement's long-term goal to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), compared with pre-industrial times. Global average temperatures have already climbed by almost 1 degree Celsius. Last year was the hottest on record. More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2016-04-23 09:59:49
Mexican state oil giant Pemex said on Friday that the death toll from a petrochemical plant blast in the southeastern oil hub of Coatzacoalcos had risen to 28, in the latest fatal accident to befall the beleaguered company. In a statement, Pemex said it had identified 25 bodies and that three more were still unidentified. It added that 18 people remained hospitalized. Pemex has said the accident was caused by a leak, but has not fully explained what happened. The oil firm said it would continue to scour the blast site, but that progress was slow, given the scale of the damage. The massive explosion took place on Wednesday afternoon at the facility's chlorinate 3 plant in the Gulf state of Veracruz, sending a black cloud of smoke hundreds of meters into the air and giving off a powerful smell of ammonia. The blast occurred at a vinyl petrochemical plant that is a joint venture between Pemex's petrochemical unit and majority owner Mexican plastic pipe maker Mexichem. Pemex operates the larger petrochemical complex where the plant was located, known as Pajaritos. The plant produces some 900 tons a day of vinyl chloride monomer, also known as chloroethene, an industrial chemical used to produce plastic piping. The joint venture had forecast sales of $260 million this year. Earlier on Friday, Mexichem Chief Executive Officer Antonio Carrillo told Reuters that the company had declared force majeure on one internal contract in the wake of the blast. He said Mexichem would have a better idea of the impact of the blast on the company in the coming weeks. In February, a fire killed a worker at the same plant, the latest in a litany of safety disasters that have plagued Pemex. In 2013, at least 37 people were killed by a blast at its Mexico City headquarters, and 26 people died in a fire at a Pemex natural gas facility in northern Mexico in September 2012. A 2015 fire at its Abkatun Permanente platform in the oil-rich Bay of Campeche affected oil output and cost the company up to $780 million. More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2016-04-23 09:46:01
The United States will buy heavy water from Iran's nuclear program and expects it to be delivered within weeks, U.S. officials said on Friday, a move that Republican lawmakers quickly criticized. The U.S. Department of Energy, or DOE, will buy 32 metric tonnes of heavy water from Iran worth $8.6 million, a department spokeswoman said. Heavy water is a component of making nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, that is not radioactive. Under last year's landmark nuclear deal between Iran, the United States and five other world powers, Tehran is responsible for reducing its stock of heavy water, which it can sell, dilute or dispose of, under conditions. Iran is permitted to keep up to 130 tonnes of heavy water at present and up to 90 tonnes once its redesigned and rebuilt Arak nuclear research reactor is commissioned. "The United States will not be Iran's customer forever," the DOE spokeswoman said. U.S. officials hope the purchase will pave the way for other countries to buy the heavy water, which can be used in the development of semiconductors and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Abbas Araqchi, who discussed the sale with U.S. officials in Vienna on Friday, told reporters that the 32 tonnes have been sold to an American company. Araqchi estimated Iran has about 70 tonnes in excess of what it needs and said further sales are being negotiated with another company that is not based in the United States. Iran, which is still under U.S. sanctions, has long had to go through third-country financial institutions for authorized transactions for items including medicine and food. A U.S. Treasury Department official would not discuss details of the payment for the heavy water until after the purchase is complete, but said it would be completed under the same method. "Regardless of whether or not this is in U.S. dollars, this licensed transaction is limited in scope," the Treasury official said on condition of anonymity. Iran's compliance with the nuclear deal means that the heavy water was already removed from Iran, ensuring that it would not be used to support the development of a nuclear weapon, State Department spokesman John Kirby said. "Our purchase of the heavy water means that it will instead be used for critically important research and non-nuclear industrial requirements," Kirby added. The purchase, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, was slammed by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, a Republican. Ryan said in a statement it appeared to be part of the Democratic administration's efforts to sweeten the nuclear deal with Iran and would "directly subsidize Iran's nuclear program." The DOE expects to resell the purchased heavy water to domestic commercial and research buyers, including a national lab. More»