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GMC GROUP FOR INDUSTRIAL COMME   1.29        Telecom Egypt   11.48        Modern Company For Water Proof   1.03        Ismailia Misr Poultry   2.45        El Arabia for Investment & Dev   0.34        Ezz Steel   7.86        Egyptian Real Estate Group   6.85        Pioneers Holding   2.84        Rakta Paper Manufacturing   4.39        Orascom Telecom Holding (OT)   3.92        Egyptian Iron & Steel   6.87        Naeem Holding   0.19        Canal Shipping Agencies   7.39        Misr Chemical Industries   5.65        United Arab Shipping   0.43        Egyptians Housing Development    1.94        Universal For Paper and Packag   4.94        Northern Upper Egypt Developme   4.93        Egyptian for Tourism Resorts   0.69        Egyptian Financial Group-Herme   7.42        Orascom Construction Industrie   240.82        Modern Shorouk Printing & Pack   7        Upper Egypt Contracting   0.8        Heliopolis Housing   21.65        Raya Holding For Technology An   4.57        United Housing & Development   8.93        International Agricultural Pro   2.1        Gulf Canadian Real Estate Inve   18.08        Alexandria Pharmaceuticals   45.71        Arab Cotton Ginning   2.46        Egyptian Chemical Industries (   7.26        National Real Estate Bank for    11.84        Six of October Development & I   15.03        National Development Bank   6.72        Oriental Weavers   20.66        Arab Gathering Investment   16.29        Egyptians Abroad for Investmen   2.75        Palm Hills Development Company   1.61        Credit Agricole Egypt   9.04        Remco for Touristic Villages C   2.13        Commercial International Bank    29.87        El Ezz Porcelain (Gemma)   1.9        Egyptian Starch & Glucose   5.4        Arab Real Estate Investment (A   0.41        South Valley Cement   3.12        Citadel Capital - Common Share   2.5        Rowad Tourism (Al Rowad)   5.05        Union National Bank - Egypt "    3.25        Ceramic & Porcelain   2.88        El Nasr Transformers (El Maco)   4.78        Egyptian Media Production City   2.31        GB AUTO   27        Sharkia National Food   3.78        Egyptian Transport (EGYTRANS)   7.85        El Kahera Housing   4.97        El Shams Housing & Urbanizatio   2.45        Egyptian Kuwaiti Holding   0.7        ARAB POLVARA SPINNING & WEAVIN   2.11        Cairo Poultry   8.32        Egyptian Financial & Industria   8        T M G Holding   4.03        Asek Company for Mining - Asco   10.66        Misr Hotels   27        Egyptian Electrical Cables   0.56        Medinet Nasr Housing   22.51        Mena Touristic & Real Estate I   1.21        ELSWEDY CABLES   18        Al Arafa Investment And Consul   0.17        Prime Holding   0.91        Alexandria Spinning & Weaving    0.74        General Company For Land Recla   16.6        Gharbia Islamic Housing Develo   8.41        Alexandria Cement   8.9        Arab Valves Company   0.94        Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals   12.4        TransOceans Tours   0.09        Egyptian for Developing Buildi   6.43        Egyptian Gulf Bank   1.24        Kafr El Zayat Pesticides   18.19        Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt -   35.1        National company for maize pro   11.86        Delta Construction & Rebuildin   4.03        Zahraa Maadi Investment & Deve   48.25        Samad Misr -EGYFERT   3.52        Egypt for Poultry   1.41        Cairo Development and Investme   11.7        Cairo Pharmaceuticals   20.1        Maridive & oil services   0.9        Suez Canal Bank   3.75        Nile Pharmaceuticals   15.81        The Arab Dairy Products Co. AR   73.85        National Housing for Professio   14.39        El Ahli Investment and Develop   4.87        Egyptian Saudi Finance Bank   10.79        Ismailia National Food Industr   5.16        National Societe Generale Bank   25.52        Acrow Misr   19.16        Alexandria Mineral Oils Compan   63.63        Paper Middle East (Simo)   5.59        Egypt Aluminum   12.31        Giza General Contracting   13.12        Middle Egypt Flour Mills   5.82        Extracted Oils   0.6        Assiut Islamic Trading   4.56        Engineering Industries (ICON)   3.95        North Cairo Mills   15.3        Arab Pharmaceuticals   11.88        Grand Capital   5.38        El Ahram Co. For Printing And    10.68        Minapharm Pharmaceuticals   25.49        El Arabia Engineering Industri   13.52        El Nasr For Manufacturing Agri   9.71        Naeem portfolio and fund Manag   1.7        Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt -   6.76        Natural Gas & Mining Project (   68.26        Housing & Development Bank   13.95        East Delta Flour Mills   31.5        Orascom Development Holding (A   3.22        Memphis Pharmaceuticals   11.12        Abou Kir Fertilizers   134.23        Delta Insurance   5        Cairo Investment & Real Estate   12.18        Cairo Oils & Soap   12.98        Egyptian Arabian (cmar) Securi   0.36        Egyptian Real Estate Group Bea   15.56        Alexandria Containers and good   85.51        Upper Egypt Flour Mills   45.78        Development & Engineering Cons   9.94        Sinai Cement   15.18        Medical Union Pharmaceuticals   28.01        Torah Cement   24.2        Alexandria New Medical Center   46.55        Export Development Bank of Egy   5.04        Egyptian Company for Mobile Se   92.02        Middle & West Delta Flour Mill   32.7        El Kahera El Watania Investmen   4.18        Mansourah Poultry   12.41        Delta Sugar   11.04        Misr Beni Suef Cement   41.21        Egyptian Satellites (NileSat)   6.14        Cairo Educational Services   17.75        Lecico Egypt   7.55        Sharm Dreams Co. for Tourism I   5.3        General Silos & Storage   10.77        Al Moasher for Programming and   0.66        UTOPIA   5.28        Arab Ceramics (Aracemco)   25.4        Barbary Investment Group ( BIG   0.98        

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Amwal Al Ghad English - 2015-08-23 08:40:40
An artificially inseminated giant panda took U.S. zoo officials by surprise on Saturday when she gave birth to twins - more than four hours apart. Mei Xiang, a star tourist draw in Washington's National Zoo, gave birth to her first cub at 5.34 p.m. after her water broke about an hour beforehand, zoo officials said. “All of us are thrilled that Mei Xiang has given birth," said zoo director Dennis Kelly in a statement before the second cub had arrived. "The cub is vulnerable at this tiny size but we know Mei is an excellent mother." Kelly told a news conference zoo officials were being cautious and "keeping their fingers crossed" after the zoo lost a six-day-old cub in 2012. More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2015-08-22 14:44:42
These one-percenters really made the most of their youth. A roll call of billionaires under 35 complied by Wealth-X is dominated by male "technopreneurs" and features more than one college dropout. A familiar face takes the top spot: Facebook's (FB, Tech30) Mark Zuckerberg, whose $41.6 billion net worth far outstrips the rest on the list. The social networking site helped create massive fortunes for two others in the top five, Dustin Moskovitz and Eduardo Saverin. The pair, worth $9.3 billion and $5.3 billion respectively, co-founded Facebook with Zuckerberg, before pursuing other tech ventures. More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2015-08-20 09:15:33
An Egyptologist who believes Queen Nefertiti's crypt may be hidden behind King Tutankhamun's 3,300-year-old tomb in the famed Valley of the Kings has been invited to Cairo to defend his theory, Egypt's Antiquities Ministry said Wednesday. The theory by British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves, while gaining a lot of attention online in recent weeks, has yet to be reviewed by peers. However, it could offer a compelling new theory into a turbulent period of ancient Egyptian history that fascinates both experts and hobbyists around the world. The ministry said Reeves will have the opportunity to discuss his theory with Egyptian experts in September. A joint expedition to Luxor, where the King Tut's tomb is located, could be on the agenda, the ministry said. Reeves did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Reeves argues that Tut, who died at the age of 19, may have been rushed into an outer chamber of what was originally the tomb of Nefertiti, which has never been found. He claims high-resolution images of King Tut's tomb include lines underneath plastered surfaces of painted walls, showing there could be two unexplored doorways, one of which leading potentially to Nefertiti's tomb. He also argues that the design of King Tut's tomb suggests it was built for a queen, rather than a king. Aidan Dodson, an Egyptologist at the University of Bristol, is skeptical of parts of Reeves' theory. "The possibility that there are hidden chambers behind those walls is a reasonable suggestion, but it's the jump to Nefertiti (being) behind the door that I would find somehow problematic," Dodson said. "There's absolutely no example of anyone ever doing that to a tomb." John Darnell, a professor of Egyptology at Yale University, also said it would be "nicely surprising" if Nefertiti's tomb lay in a hidden passage behind Tut's tomb. British archeologist Howard Carter discovered Tut's tomb in the Valley of the Kings in 1922 and was "meticulous" in documenting what he found, Darnell said. "I would be very surprised if Carter missed an additional chamber, but again, you always have to question what you think you know; and it's a very intriguing possibility," Darnell said, adding that he supported Reeves' research efforts. Already, there's a mummy at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo that has strong DNA evidence of being Tut's mother. DNA testing also has provided strong evidence suggesting that Tut's father likely was the Pharaoh Akhenaten, the first pharaoh to try switching Egypt to monotheism. The testing also brought a new discovery: that Tut's mother was Akhenaten's sister. Still, some archaeologists like Dodson believe the two were probably cousins and that this DNA result could be the product of three generations of marriages between first cousins — and that Nefertiti, Akhenaten's chief wife, may in fact have been Tut's mother. Many Egyptologists believe there were probably one or two co-pharaohs between Akhenaten and Tutankhamun. Many believe at least one of them may have been Nefertiti. And by finding her tomb, that could provide further insight into a period still largely obscured despite so much interest worldwide in ancient Egypt. "Finding a presumably intact tomb (of any previous ruler) would provide extremely important information," said Willeke Wendrich, a professor of Egyptian archaeology at UCLA. More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2015-08-17 09:27:23
Founded by a group of medical students hailing from Cairo University, a new non-profit organisation known as “Patient Support Team” (PST) is bringing the magic of Harry Potter and the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft to Cairo in aid of Abo El-Reesh children’s hospital. On Saturday 29 August, the day-long Harry Potter Festival – under the hashtag “#halfbloodsphinx” – will bring all the wonders of J K Rowling’s world-famous novels to Rafaheya in Giza. Namely, the event will offer participants a chance to play the infamous quidditch game, indulge in legions of thematic food and drink and satisfy all their Harry Potter merchandise needs in the shopping bazaar. The group behind the festival, PST, are passionate about creating various initiatives to raise money for the Abo El-Reesh children’s hospital – a university hospital based in Munira. Funds raised through events such as the Harry Potter Festival will go towards providing resources and support for public and university hospitals – many of which rely on medical students – allowing them to provide better service for poorer patients. As well as raising money through events, PST allows people to “adopt” a medical case by sponsoring an individual’s treatment. This gives donators total certainty of where their money is being spent. There is increasing concern about the state of Egypt’s healthcare system, including paediatric services. Earlier this year, shocking images showing unhygienic and deprived conditions in hospitals from all over Egypt surfaced on social media. However, there have been a series of recent initiatives to provide better quality, free healthcare to Egyptians. For example, recently, Egypt established the first free breast cancer hospital in the region, which provides treatment and diagnostic services for women, as well as psychiatric help. Egypt is also home to the renowned 57357 Children’s Cancer hospital, which provides free cancer treatment to children, and was awarded the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) award for development. More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2015-08-16 08:46:21
J.K. Rowling uses her Twitter account to spread both news about the world of Harry Potter and good sense.  That's what she was doing when she sent "big hugs" to a young female writer in Egypt Saturday who had Tweeted her, "You inspired me to write. However, in Egypt, girls can't do anything freely as boys. They laugh at me when I say I am a writer." More»
Noha Gad - 2015-08-11 14:19:35
The Egyptian contemporary actor Nour El-Sherif passed away aged 69 years old. Nour El-Sherif was born on April 28, 1946 in the working-class neighbourhood of Sayeda Zainab in Cairo Nour was in London where he had gone on a medical trip to be treated for an illness he insists on keeping a secret. One of his masterpieces was Kasr El Shawk (1967) and Habiby Da'eman (1981) in which his wife Poussi was starring. More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2015-08-10 11:46:20
US entertainment giant Disney was forced to apologise after one of its Japanese language tweets was criticised for being insensitive as the country commemorated the 70th anniversary of the Nagasaki atomic bombing. The company's Japanese unit, referencing the animated film "Alice in Wonderland", took to social media on Sunday with a message about the movie's well-known "unbirthdays". The original English tweet wished followers a "very merry unbirthday". In Disney's original film, characters celebrate an "unbirthday" -- every day of the year except their own birthday -- during a party with Alice. More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2015-08-06 15:03:15
As the government promoted the new Suez Canal as "Egypt's gift to the world," Marwa El-Selehdar, the country's first and youngest female shipmaster, received the good news. The 24-year-old would assist in navigating a naval vessel through the new waterway during the opening celebrations on 6 August, she was recently informed. “I never thought that my dream would finally come true. I am going to be part of the inauguration as a second naval officer on the deck of the training ship AIDA IV," El Selhdar told Al-Ahram newspaper. El-Selehdar believes that her participation as the youngest and first Egyptian and Arab female shipmaster would bolster the image of the "civilised Egyptian women." More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2015-07-31 12:40:53
There's a full moon coming tonight that is unlike anything we've seen since 2012 and won't see again until early 2018 — it's called a blue moon. Despite the name, the color of the moon will not change. This full moon is special because it's the second one to occur this month — that's what a "blue moon" is. The first full moon happened on July 2. The chances of seeing two full moons within the same month is a rare phenomenon that only takes place about once every 2 1/2 years. The next blue moon won't come until January 2, 2018. More»
Amwal Al Ghad English - 2015-07-15 09:07:23
Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft has made contact with Earth, confirming its successful flypast of Pluto, after a journey to the far reaches of the solar system that has taken nine-and-a-half years and 3 billion miles (4.88bn km). At precisely 8.52.37pm Eastern US time, the probe “phoned home” to mission control in Maryland, 13 hours after it flew within 7,750 miles (12,472km) of Pluto. Scientists greeted the news of its safe passage with cheers and tears, calling it a historic day for space exploration. More»